Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Split-Screen Videos

Videos like Kid Cudi's "Make Her Say" and Lee Seung Gi's "Let's Break Up" are some reminders of just how eye-poppingly cool split-screen can be.

The colours are perfect, and videos like these sometimes makes me want to be a director.

The first time I saw "Let's Break Up", I just couldn't help replaying the video over and over.
The split-screen effect made the sad song even more sad in my opinion.

It's used so frequently and in so many ways that we often barely notice it. But it's hard to miss when used well. The frame ruptures in two, re-orients the eye, and forces us to see things a little differently. That's what's so exhilarating about videos like these two: It's a reminder of what we were missing.

It's a neat trick — practical, but also visually stunning.

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