Sunday, July 15, 2012

OOTD - 071512

First look posted on here ever yaaay! Anyway, I wore this a few days ago and just decided to post it on here. 
I ended up changing my shorts and wore leggings before I left the house though. Why i did that idek why.

Sunglasses: Wrote about them here 

And here's the outfit after I left the house.
With one of my best friends, Gimel.

It's not that obvious, but we were sweating up a storm from all the walking we did, plus the really hot weather.


Marianne said...

Your blog is lovely and the design of it is so cool!

x Marianne

sassyshann said...

Neat blog. Also, love the look.

Teresa said...

Cool casual outfits! I like the unique layout of your blog!