Friday, July 6, 2012

DIY - Ombre Nails

Hey guys, 

I recently found this really helpful tutorial on how to do these nails here, and I guess everyone knows by now 
how much I'm into the whole gradient/ombre jazz, so I just couldn't not do it.
It turned out pretty good than I expected it to be, since this was my first time ever doing this.

Like I said, since this was my first time doing this, I just used whatever nail polish I could find 
since I didn't want to waste the good ones I had. But since it turned out pretty well, I may be doing this again
with those instead.


Daphne C. said...

This looks really well-done! We also tried to follow the tutorial you linked to, but it didn't work with us so we experimented and came up with our own tips...

Did you wet your sponge?

roxanne.chua said...

@Daphne C. Thanks! No I didn't, but I did use a kitchen sponge instead of a make-up one because I find it to be a bit more "airy" (the same sponge the girl used in the tutorial I linked).