Thursday, August 9, 2012

Skin Food Products

Here's a review of some of my Korean brand makeup Skinfood.

Eggplant Pen Eyeliner
This has got to be one of my fave waterproof eyeliners because it doesn't rub off at all and lasts for a whole day for me. 
I have a habit of rubbing my eye, even when it barely starts getting itchy, sometimes I forget that I have eye make-up on. 
So when I did rub them on the first day I wore this, I fell in love with it the second i looked into the mirror and saw that it didn't budge. 
Also, I love the brush because its thin, which is good if you don't wear a lot of eyeliner.
You could easily just build it up if you want it to be thicker and obvious.

Banana Concealer Stick
I'd say this is a pretty normal concealer, just like the other brands I've tried. It's easy to blend & matches my skin tone perfectly,
although I did notice that it doesn't blend as well for really dry skin & the coverage is meh whatevs.

Lettuce & Cucumber Mild Pact
This I love as well because unlike most powders that I've tried, this doesn't dry up my skin like the others (and leave it flaky. ew!), 
and I have no idea why. I find it light on my skin too and doesn't feel like its clogging my pores by the end of the day. 
Usually when I'm in a hurry or forget to put on foundation, I just slap this on and I'm good to go.

Nail Vita
"This contains vitamin & keratin. Advanced formula colours and covers in one quick, mistake-proof stroke"

GURL I WORSHIP THEIR NAIL POLISHES. Why? Because even without a base coat, these do not turn my nails yellow like majority of nail polishes I have. 
And I hate hate hate it when my nails are yellow 'cause i don't wear polishes all the time & it looks gross.

(I have a Nude-ish sparkly one which I use more often than the others, but it's in the living room and I'm too lazy to go get it :P I'll update this when i get it.)

Milk Creamy Nail
I found the packaging so so cute, which was the first reason I got it, besides the adorable pastel colour I love.  
And again, these don't make them nails yellow and one coat is enough.

White Grape Fresh Foundation
This is my second favourite foundation (Revlon ColorStay being the first) because it doesn't feel too heavy and cloggy unlike most foundations, 
and the colour is exactly mine! Which means I don't have to put it all over my face, just on the areas I need it. 

As you can tell by now, I love Skin Food's products and definitely would recommend them and try more of their products soon.

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