Tuesday, October 16, 2012

DIY - Denim Vest

Hey guys here's another short easy DIY which is exactly the same as my previous studded tutorial here.
I suggest you check that out first if you haven't yet, since I'll be only explaining a few things in this post instead of a step-by-step how to.

Instead of going for the typical silver studs I went with these sort of black silver-ish types since
I wanted it to match with the buttons.

I had some left overs from the previous DIY, so I decided to mix them in with the others just 
so there's a lot more going on instead of just the boring one-type spikes look.

If you guys can tell, the sleeves are way too big for me. I decided to cut them off and turn the jacket into a vest instead.
I cut outside of the stitch line because I wanted it to have a clean look, but if you want to go for a distressed look then cut off the sleeves with the stitching.

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