Wednesday, August 14, 2013

[August] Inspiration

Since university is starting next month, I can' help but think of what to wear. 
Here's a couple of pictures that have inspired a few outfits that I've made up in my head,
which I most probably will post on here as OOTDs/Polyvore sets once classes start.

I guess I'll be mostly wearing grey, black and white as always, no surprise there. Hahaha
I have most of the clothing showed here so I know they'll be perfect for classes 
because they're comfortable.

And since I'm an interior student, I feel like my school works will probably just consist of these colours as well.
Let's hope my teacher doesn't notice [and kill me].

Check out my Tumblr as it's mostly where I get inspiration for my outfits from.


Preppy Lemonade said...

Hey hey lovely pics, love the style!!
First time visiting your lovely space and I'm already "addicted" girl your layout is amazing!! Keep going with this amazing job!! :)

With love, Bárbara

Rosie said...

Oooh I love these outfits! Monochrome is always so great to wear in Autumn.

Just managed to put the loft ladder away for the first time in my entire life. I'm calling this a successful Wednesday.

Irela said...

I love that "Eat a lot, Sleep a lot" shirt. Talk about priorities hehe LOVE IT!!!