Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Haul - F21 & H&M

Here's a few things i got over the weekend from H&M and F21.

I got these black jeans from H&M since the one i had (which was also from them) wasn't as dark as it used to 
as I've had it for maybe 2 or more years, so as you can tell the colour has faded a lot. It was time to retire them.

And next i got these two shirts and necklace from Forever 21. 
I was originally planning on getting a plain basic grey and black tee, but then these two caught my attention. 
They're simple enough, yet has a lot more going on than the basic tees.

I loved the simple details on both. 
The tiny silver studding on the grey, and the mesh shoulder part of the black shirt.

Lastly this gold colour necklace, which is I think the first (aside from the real gold my mom keeps hidden for occasions) 
I've gotten since I usually get silver for everyday accessories.

Links to the items:

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