Monday, August 19, 2013

Haul - H&M

So I went in H&M just to look around, and as soon as I saw this little bag I just had to get it. 
First reason was because I needed a small bag to put my phone and wallet in when I'm too lazy to carry a normal sized bag

Second reason, because it looked a lot like Alexander Wang's Marion (below)

And next I got this flower headband just because my mom wanted to. Yup. My mom.
She thought it looked cute on me and wanted me to wear it on her birthday.
At first I didn't want to because I wasn't in to the whole huge ass flower crowns trend, 
but I finally gave in because these are subtle little ones and aren't too out there, and who can resist their moms?


Eline said...

loooooove the bag <3

Anonymous said...
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